These days, due to the popularity of social media apps such as Facebook, people are now able to share thing easily. Here in the Philippines, telecommunication companies are providing free (or if not cheap) Facebook usage which has caused everyone to have access to the website since majority of the users have smartphones. A major problem though is that sometimes users take this for granted and share unreliable information which become viral as well.

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These days, the use of Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) has become a standard in most large products. It is an automated to save a lot of tasks, and resources such as disk space. What is DVCS? For those who don’t know what distributed version control is, it is an automated way of storing changes on your code while collaborating with other programmers under that shared project. Think of it as creating backup copies of your project on your drive (and probably adding dates on your compressed folders) and merging your latest code with your teammate.

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