Signs of a "Fake Programmer"

Programming is not just a skill, it’s a mindset. I’m not saying a programmer has to be a perfect coder but there are some aspects that one needs to prove especially when facing difficult scenarios.

Despite of having a very good candidate screening, there are still a lot of instances where event the best intensions of the organization cannot prevent having programmers who don’t even seem to fit in.

Based on my experience, this the list of some traits in people who can be considered a “fake programmer”:

  • Not able to think logically (either ends up googling for basic solutions or bugs somebody else)
  • They are unable to Debug others code or even their own code
  • They rely on others to finish the job
  • They lack the passion and enthusiasm to learn new things
  • They don’t even not bother cleaning up the messy code they leave behind.
  • They think comments are just for erasing lines of codes
  • If you’re lucky, they never admit their mistakes. Because once caught, the blame shifts to someone else.
  • They pretend to know everything.

You might noticed that this list is mostly about attitude. It is hard for a team to work with someone like this. Though sometimes this needs to be dealt with. What is important is you do your part well and be the better programmer. There is still room for improvement, who knows they might either find their enlightenment in programming or perhaps find a different line of work that suits them.

Photo by MaxPixel. Under Public Domain

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