I just received the Arduino starter kit I just ordered from Tinkbox, and I’m now excited to learn building things with this. The kit includes an unofficial starter kit, and an Arduino clone which is still compatible to the existing drivers. Well not bad since the original kit and board is expensive. The board is also loaded with a sample blinking light program. Probably added by the owners while testing.

Arduino starter kit
Uno R3 with breadboard running sample blinking led sketch

After a week of waiting, I can finally work on personal projects which I might be using at home as well. Projects like maybe a gas detector (because I’m having suspicions with the gas tank or maybe just paranoia), an irrigation system, or timed water valve switch. Lot’s of possibilities really it’s the Lego™ ordinary building blocks I used to play back then where you can build anything only your imagination is the limit.


A few weeks ago, I have attended IOT Summit Philippines, an annual event sponsored by tech companies (such as E-gizmo, Thinklab, etc.), that hosts a development workshop and hackathon for those interested in arduino and internet of things. It was also amazing since I get to work on a gizduino IOT board, a customized Arduino board that includes a LAN port, micro SD slot, and higher flash memory.

iot-board (Large)
The gizDuino IOT-644 by e-gizmo™

A bit pricey compared to the Arduino clone I purchased if you’d ask me but still cheaper rather than expanding your board with Ethernet and micro SD shields.


Internet of Things (IOT), at this moment is becoming a new trend in technology. It enables you to connect anything, like a household appliance, or industrial apparatus, or even personal tool and exchange data. Not only you automate things, but you also send them to the cloud and it’s up to you on how you process them.

I believe this is a good hobby and is great for anyone who is interested. Even for kids since it doesn’t require you do use a soldering iron. I’ve been seeing foreign 13-year olds (or thats what they sould like :D) building robots in youtube videos and some instructibles articles. And I believe schools should be teaching things like these since it introduces the exciting world of electronics and programming.


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