This is a log on my work for an app I am currently developing which I named XtremeLoader. The purpose of this app is to utilize the Quick loading service of LoadXtreme. This is an online service that enable loading to lots of services which can be helpful on some scenarios. What I like from this is it also has access to promotions I don’t even know it exists.

There have been a few existing apps made for this including the official one recently although I am not comfortable using them since it requires me to log in first and I am only interested in using the quick access. So I decided to build my own which I might be also needing for personal use as well.


First of all they don’t provide a developer API. Yes I am simply directly accessing their AJAX pages. I find it also safer since it gets their up to date data and is also utilizing SSL which makes data transaction secure. I believe even though they don’t intend to share this kind of data, they will still benefit from this because the transaction still goes to them. I don’t monetize this app anyway.

Target Platforms

I am planning to target Android platforms. But since this is a hybrid app, I am also planning to make this as a single page application for non-android users. But that is for a later development, although I already have started another repository for that.

Framework and Tools

For the core app itself I decided to use jQuery Mobile for a lot of reasons. Well first of all, because it support even older phones or at least those who are using Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. Although when I tested it using Android

I didn’t like using crosswalk though especially for simple app. Crosswalk is an embedded webkit browser that make modern HTML 5 webpages compatible to the mobile phone. The problem with this though is it makes your app a bit bloated (for more than 30MB). Which becomes a bit of a problem since I live in a country with slow internet connection. Also it gets a bit overkill to make large app that isn’t that complex

For development I use grunt, it is a good tool especially lets you automate a lot of things. The tool I use mainly is the HTML build which lets me split the pages into mulitple sections and build them. I also use other grunt tools like concatenate and uglify that would compress the scripts into smaller size. Although I don’t minify them while under development for easier debugging.

Initial Design

So here is the initial design:

Initial Design

After attending a seminar from, I realized that I need to work on the design to make it more user friendly as their app does. I’m not that good in design and I often rely on available template when working especially since I’m more of a back-end developer. So what I did as of now is I had to split the long pages into two to make it easier to fill up as well. Also just to avoid scrolling.

It’s in black as of now since I feel comfortable working with dark background but I will eventually change it to white and add a setting where users can change the color as well.

Future Plans

There are a lot of things features I would like to add such as recent transactions, and the other quick access as well but my first goal is to be able to launch the basic functionality. I was able to try online loading on a prototype on my device which is a good first step, I just need to finalize it before launching at Google play store.


You can find the repository here. As of now the instructions are not clear, but if you would like to check it out you can run the build folder on your webserver or use http-server it’s a good tool. Feel free to contribute if you like either from source code or posting an issue. There is also a repository for the cordova project


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