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Devcon Laravel Code Camp Recap

Devcon Laravel Code Camp Recap


On March 14, 2015, DevCon, with the sponsorship of Globe Telecom, held a Laravel Code Camp which is a free seminar and workshop. Although they were not giving certificates, you can still benefit a lot because of the good topics you will learn especially for development with Laravel.

In the first part of the Code Camp, they discussed an intro of Laravel, some brief history about it, an introduction to Homestead,  and some cool sample projects that are also available on the web. As for promotion, Globe also introduced their development api for their services which also seems pretty useful.

Some experienced Laravel users immediately became mentors which also made the Code Camp more lively as they were able to guide first time users (like me) through using Laravel. It was also great because I was able to ask some questions and gain some ideas in using the framework.


“Hello Homestead”

This is one of the topics I had to skip in working with my laptop to keep up with the training because I would need to set up a virtual machine but I believe this is still very important especially when you are going to develop for a cloud server like AWS or Digital Ocean.

Base on that I understood, Homestead is a “Vagrant box”. As for vagrant, it is a software that lets you create development environments. Homestead includes all the software you need for developing laravel and other PHP apps as well which I believe somehow would try to mimic your production server. It would reduce the chances of having developer problems like “It works on my machine but not on the server”. Since your development environment is similar to the server and you can be prepared to any problems that your code might encounter in the server.

Laravel 5

At the point of this writing, Laravel 5 was just released a month ago. So I can’t blame the on the spot mentors and speaker if they are also having difficulty in using it whereas they recommend to use Laravel 4.2 for the meantime.

The folder structure has changed … a lot. I mean coming from a different framework user, I find it also hard to navigate because folders like modes, views, or controllers have been moved to different places. There has also been some changes with the api as well. But I think most of the changes would mainly apply to the directory structure and I believe they had a reason to do this.

Despite of that, while using Laravel 4.2, I was able to adapt into using it. I liked the dynamic DRY templating system it is using called blade.

The ORM was also good actually and very easy to use which I found the active record much simplier than other frameworks like Codeigniter or CakePHP.


To further conclude, the Laravel Code Camp turned out to be great as a lot of information in regards to development and best practices as well such as using Homestead as development enviroment.

I have also learned from the Laravel professionals that their company is also using it and they claim it to be a very good framework. It has also allowed them to develop systems faster.

As for Laravel 5, since it’s new at the point of this writing, not much tutorials and books for Laravel 5 can be found (although I might consider youtube). The documentation is also a good resource though.


Other Useful Links: – an admin tool that lets you connect to your existing cloud server which allows easy managent rather than using a console ssh tool.  – Some good resources to find codes – a website created using laravel. Lets you compose messages that will be immediately be deleted once read. – promoted development api by Globe. Offers free initial load for to new users. – cheatsheet for getting around with the Blade templating system. – a website that offers video tutorials exclusive for Laravel. They describe this as a “netflix for developers”


New Design for PHPPad

New Design for PHPPad


I have just updated my project called PHPPad. PHPPad is an application that lets you fiddle around with php scripts on your browser. I decided to create this back then when a website I run php codes went down since I’m a bit lazy in creating new files and running snippets to test logic. I didn’t used much design standards as it started though.

PHPPad first
First design of PHPPad


This has been useful as it also helps me while working on some formulas and logic.

New Features added are:

  • Mixed mode syntax highlighting. Supports syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML
  • Responsive UI (though need to work more on this)
  • Brackets matching

I have a lot of plans to be add to this and I believe there are a lot more refactoring to be done but for the meantime, I’ve updated some of the scripts. You are also free to fork and contribute to this. The source code is available at Github 

If you’d like to try it out, you can download it here.

Vanilla Pages Bookshop – Website

Vanilla Pages Bookshop – Website

Company: Individual
Role: Web Developer
Target Platforms: Web Browser
Frameworks and API’s used: Codeigniter, Bootstrap

An E-commerce website for books. Customers can order and pay via money remittance where the tracking code can be provided. Also includes back-end maintenance and reporting tools

View Website

SMAC Deals

SMAC Deals

Company: SM
Role: Back-End Developer
Target Platforms: Web Browser
Frameworks and API’s used: Drupal, JQuery


SMAC deals is a website for SM Advantage Card where customers can redeem points with special deals.

One of the first projects I worked on way back in 2011  where I was assigned as backend developer. I did CRUD for management of products along with some tools for importing large amounts of data accumulated from the POS devices into the system. It was a bit tricky since this was during my rookie days but still managed to deliver the tasks.


I’ve also worked on other projects in SM that were revised due to changing of systems like,, and smglobalpinoy. I’m finding a way if I can retrieve them from the internet archive.