Got a record you like to improve a music you recorded with someone you know? Or maybe you’d just like to share it hoping someone somewhere in the world might improve your record. Or perhaps you just like to share your music for publicity and have a band page. Then you might want to give Bandlab a try.

Bandlab is a web and mobile application that let’s you collaborate with music creation. Here you can upload a recorded music, either a recorded instrument, or a voice record of you singing, or both and you need to add extra instruments without having to record together. This application comes with a multitrack editor for both mobile and web application.

Multitrack Editor
Multitrack Editor

In Bandlab, you can create a project, upload your audio then publish them either publicly or privately. If you have a band, you can invite them to collaborate with your project. what is great about this is they have a versioning system where you can track the changes made on your project and also revert back to them.

Revision History
Revision History

I mentioned in a previous article the importance of version control and it seems that the developers of Bandlab found a way to apply this concept of software development to music production.

Bandlab also comes with a feature of forking a project. Forking is a method used in version control. This technique is used in software development especially in open source. According to bandlab, “Creating a “Fork” makes a personal copy of someone else’s song – allowing you to develop it further yourself or to move it to a band and work on it with your other regular collaborators.” If you would like to edit an existing project, you can simply fork it. By doing this, a copy of the project will be created in your account. You will also get a copy of the history of changes done. This feature though is only available if the project is set to allow forking. You can turn it of if you don’t wish your music to be edited.

Probably the difference of collaboration in Bandlab with that used in software development is the ability to create branches and pull requests. But that part is a more advanced and very complicated to do in case. Personally I can consider this a flat form of version control. You work on a single branch, although all your edits with the band are still logged. When someone forks your project it is also recorded as those who are inspired from your work. You also get credited on the fork they did as the source of their music they enhanced is also included.

 Recorder in mobile application

So that’s it. You can give Bandlab a try either the web application or the mobile application by checking out on their website. This service is new and still has a lot of room for improvements but the concept they are using is great and we might expect for features to be available in the future.

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